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Welcome to s.a.k.InteractivePlayer. This is the official site of s.a.k.InteractivePlayer and its main goal is to provide the knowledge about s.a.k.InteractivePlayer in a structured way

What is sakInteractivePlayer Icon s.a.k.InteractivePlayer?

sakInteractivePlayer Preview

s.a.k.InteractivePlayer is an idea about learning a second language (programs such as ESL) that also can be used to improve reading for persons that find it difficult or for young children.

There are several useful sites that help us in learning a languge on areas such listening, grammar, vocabulary, idioms, and others.

I used various of that sites to learn English (I'm not a very good student), and tried to encourage my children to do the same.

The problem was that those sites didn't capture their interest.

Also I noted that is not neccesary an specific order to learn a language. I know many persons that learned her mother tongue without grammar lessons and without a specific order in verbs. I have never known a mother rejecting to talk with conditionals tenses before simple present.

Then, I decided to make an application in which they could learn English with their favourite movie

In this first version, s.a.k.InteractivePlayer covers various aspects of language learning.

  1. Listening - You have to complete the subtitles selecting an option between a configurable number of options, returning to the point of the first error after a configurable number of mistakes.
  2. Reading - You have to read the subtitles of the movie..
  3. Vocabulary - You can click in almost every word on a subtitle in order to view that word on your favourite dictionary on the web.
  4. Understanding - You can listen to something that you know, your favourite movie, then you are not lost in a word / sounds / sea but into something familiar to you and that you like. You can associate the words with the context.
  5. Motivation - You are doing something that you like: To show your favourite movie in its original language.

Then, if you have a movie in an avi format in the language you want to learn and the subtitles in an srt format, you can begin with s.a.k.InteractivePlayer dragging and dropping the files into it.

Also, you can find easily the part of the movie you want with the subtitle finder. You write the word or phrase you are searching for and go to the part of the movie where it appears.

s.a.k.Panels is an unipersonal initiative (yet)

What's next?

There are many ways in which s.a.k.InteractivePlayer can grow. But it depends mainly on your interest. Higher interest of you translates to higher priority to s.a.k.InteractivePlayer between all others projects in s.a.k.Panels.

There are many ideas ready to be developed. Your interest will help me to assign a priority to them. Your sponsorship will help me to assign time to develope them..

You can send your comments to

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